Pi-balls and pioneers

When the alarm sounded at 4:30 AM, I admit that my first thought wasn’t, “Oh, boy, are we in for a treat today!” The only treat my body wanted was to go back to bed. Today, though, there was no hitting the snooze on my chiming cell phone and rolling over. Applying my mind over… Continue reading Pi-balls and pioneers

Real Lives of Arctic Lemmings

By all accounts, lemmings have the Four C’s. No, I don’t mean color, cut, clarity, or carat weight, but cute, cuddly, colorful, and cool. Pictures of them remind me of a guinea pig or large gerbil, sans the long tail. Their fur looks soft and pet-able, but watch out for those large, rodent incisors. Like guinea pigs they come in a variety of colors—some sporting coats that are a blend of white, caramel and black. And yes, you have to be “cool” if you make the Arctic your year-round home (Rhode Island readers: this Arctic is not located in the center of West Waw-wick. Jus’ sayin.’).

Of Leaders, Lemmings, and Learning

Lately, I’ve begun to think more about leaders: what they do versus what we expect them to do. When the word “leader” hits the big screen of the mind, certain images appear. Studies have even been done about how we think a leader should look. As to how they behave, many of us anticipate that… Continue reading Of Leaders, Lemmings, and Learning