The Pioneer’s Way

The Pioneer’s Way is a rousing call to those who want to be the solution to the problems in their own communities and beyond.

Senseless school shootings, cure-defying epidemics, threats of environmental disaster: these are the kinds of headlines that riddle the news every day. The challenges we face range from the horrific to the heartbreaking. We wonder, when will it stop?

Frustration and fear won’t bring about beneficial change. Passionate men and women are needed to step into the gap and serve as change agents even though many assume that there are few areas left in which to innovate. While many advances have been made, there is still a need for everyday people to create, innovate, and impact their spheres of influence to advance the common good. Motivated by curiosity, conviction, and a conquering spirit, they can move to fill unoccupied spaces to nurture, persuade, understand, and solve some of society’s lingering dilemmas. Those who do the initial significant work in these areas are the ones who bring about such needed change. They are pioneers.

The Pioneer’s Way establishes a working definition of the pioneer, explores pioneering versus leadership, and offers essential characteristics of the pioneer. These are illustrated by colorful examples of pioneers both past and present—motivating readers with inspirational, frontiering stories, while equipping them with the journey’s essentials for moving forward to make needed, significant change. Readers will journey down a systematic path that will help them navigate unfamiliar territory so they too can respond to the pioneer’s call and answer it through effective, beneficial action in both their lives and the lives they touch.

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Release Date: October 20, 2020

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Advance Praise for The Pioneer’s Way

If you have ever felt like you had an idea that might change the world, but were too timid to share it, Jennifer’s book is a must read for you.  She has captured and analyzed the stories of pioneers across time; identifying key takeaways from their journeys that will inform and encourage you to explore your inner pioneer.

-Ken Schuetz
CEO and Founder, Aligned Influence Consulting
Author of Aligned Influence: Beyond Governance

Dr. Epperson brings a fresh perspective on the process of innovation and the creative people who generate it.  Her novel insights encourage the development of the nascent pioneer in us all.

-Carol Estwing Ferrans, PhD, RN, FAAN
Harriet H. Werley Endowed Chair for Nursing Research
Professor, Biobehavioral Health Science
College of Nursing, University of Illinois at Chicago

Jennifer’s book highlights the branched winding paths that true pioneers traveled to achieve their goals. In telling the stories of these pioneers, she gave us insight into her own journey as a pioneer through a profession riddled with roadblocks and inequities – yet she is successful. Using the incredible feat of landing a man on the moon as an opening scenario, she intrigues the reader to ‘go where no one has gone before’ and illuminates the path with the tools to get there.

-David W. Shellman, Ed.D.
Dissertation Professor and former Executive Leadership Studies Chairman
Gardener-Webb University

This fascinating book marches us onto the stage of a New Frontier—presenting the old term “Pioneer” and highlighting its new relevance for today. All Pioneers are clearly leaders, however, most leaders are not Pioneers. Yet if by God’s design you are one, your eyes will be opened to the freedom to live as a Pioneer and your mind will be challenged to be both a life changer and culture changer He created you to be. Yes, Pioneers will always be needed—and Jennifer, you are one of them.

-June Hunt
Founder, Hope For The Heart and The Hope Center
Author, Counseling Through Your Bible Handbook

“The first.” Who me?  Yes, indeed, perhaps you.  That’s the message of Jennifer Epperson’s book about some of the extraordinary men and women who fit the description: pioneer.  Whether a familiar name or, perhaps even more intriguingly, an “unknown” trailblazer, this book reveals the secret of those who were willing to forge a new path and achieve significant accomplishment in a wide span of endeavors.  It’s fascinating reading and an ideal guide for any pioneer who is grappling with how to move from an inherent passion to the fulfillment of life purpose.

-Peggy Campbell
President/Ambassador Advertising Agency